I am so sick of the doctors out here in Ohio they do not care for the patients and all them do is pass you on to the next one and when you call them they not call back like what the hell just going to keep harassing them until they get the point that you need to take care of your patients. As for anyone one in healthcare they now that the patients come first and they have a reputation to hold up to and when they not do their job they are going against what they took an oath to do for all their patients. so needless to say that this has been a very hard time for me and I wish they would all get their head out of their asses and do their fucking job. 😥 😭

Loreek Bridgman It’s like that here to in Iowa it’s sad and they tell me it’s cause of insurance I have no one wants to deal with it so the people suffer

Peanut 4 years ago

Loreek Bridgman Awww 🥰

Larry Bell you should see the little devil now.